Useful.UH-CR249-BLK Freestanding Decorative Coat Rack

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  • Model: UH-CR249-BLK
  • Manufactured by: Useful

Useful. UH-CR249 Freestanding Decorative Coat Rack - Wrought Iron Decorative Freestanding Coat Rack for Home, Business, Lobby, and More (Black) 

The Useful. UH-CR249 Freestanding Decorative Coat Rack only occupies about a few square feet of floor space even when laden with its full complement of more than a dozen jackets, coats, rain slickers, or other garments or accessories. The rising spiral design of the rack looks lovely but is just as much a logical feature as it is aesthetic, allowing easy access to each garment hung on the rack while taking up just that little bit of interior real estate. This freestanding coat rack is suitable for year-round use in the foyer of your home, the lobby of a commercial facility or hotel, by the host's stand at a restaurant, or in any office or suite. Its style is elegant yet understated, working with modern and traditional decor themes alike. And while the coat rack is fabricated from durable, corrosion-resistant powder-coated wrought iron, it's still lightweight enough to be easily moved from place to place or tucked away into a closet, garage, or attic as needed. Form meets function in the Useful. UH-CR249 Freestanding Decorative Coat Rack, a solution to garment storage that happens to add style even as it adeptly serves its purpose.

Key Features:

  • Stylish and Functional - Elegant spiraling rack shape and decorative finial add style to a functional furnishing that can accommodate more than a dozen coats at once
  • Space Saving Design - Circular design of coat rack maximizes usable storage space while minimizing the amount of floor space required
  • Perfect for Home or Business - Handsome enough for use in the foyer of the home, the lobby of a hotel or commercial building, or for use in an office or doctor's practice
  • Rugged Construction - Fashioned out of tough, rust-resistant powder-coated wrought iron, this rack can support plenty of weight without risk of damage
  • Stable but Portable - Coat rack is solid and stable, but not so heavy that it can't be moved about a room with ease, or easily moved into storage when the colder seasons pass by